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PCB Design Services

Since 1988, Vector Graphics has succeeded in fulfilling the pcb design needs of companies who serve the automotive, medical, and industrial markets. Below you will see what we do, how we do it, and how you can contact us for a consultation. 

What Is PCB Design?

PCB Design (Printed Circuit Design is a service that brings your electonic circuits (the brains of your product) to life in a physical form. Below are some samples of the work we do here at Vector Graphics. 

PCB Design Experience

  • Analog & Digital
  • Fine Pitch SMT
  • Ball Grid Arrays
  • Flex Circuits
  • Single-sided to Multi-layer

Design Quote Deliverables

  • Schematic
  • B.O.M. (if available)
  • Board Specifications
  • Useable component space
  • Layer count (if known)
  • Critical Circuitry (high current, high voltage, matched lengths, etc.)

Assembly or Manufacturing Data Provided In PCB Design Work

  • Checkplots (dxf, pdf, hardcopy)
  • Gerber files (RS274x format)
  • NC drill files
  • Assembly files / drawings
  • PADS database (if required)

Design Software We Utilize

  • PADS PowerPCB (layout)
  • Autocad (documentation)

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